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The Dosa truck at the underpass served my dinner mostly during the last few months at NID. They had 3 varieties of Dosa and Chapatti-curry plus Idly. It is right when @ketaki_meshram says that the idly melts in your mouth. That's how tasty it was. It served food for different kinds of people. There were men who came after work, students who survived on Dosa, people who parcelled them home and some like @kiran__mn who is always hungry. It became the place where we all met for a little chit chat on our way back from NID to Raintree Park. And now, look at me drooling over the Idly and Dosa they make, living helplessly in Udaipur without South Indian food. And then there are sadists like @jishnu.ckrishnan who makes delicious illustrations on Dosa and make me feel bad for it.

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