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Dusting off.

Illustration from one of my 'every sunday' craving for chicken at @subway . It was last Sunday when I had this thought that hit me, while walking back home:

How difficult is it to live for yourself? When you spend your life with people you love with all your heart, you start living for them. You do almost everything for them, you buy things for yourself, but for them. After they leave, you stop. You start missing out on yourself. Don't you think that's the worst thing you can do to yourself? Not living enough for yourself? You feel numb. Today I asked why!? Why don't you feel you are enough for yourself? Treat yourself. Buy yourself good food and good clothes. Wear them with a smile. Be thankful for this moment you own ❤

Ayodeji Awosika writes,

“Sometimes the best way to point your life in a new direction is to become completely disgusted with your current one… I finally said ‘enough is enough.’Strong negative emotions can be just as powerful as positive ones. When will ‘enough be enough,’ for you? When will you decide you can’t live this way for even one more day? Once you make that decision, everything changes.”

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