Moulding & Slip casting

Hochschule Design Pforzheim, Germany

Majority of the people live according to the 'society' they live in. they follow certain practices and beliefs that the 'society' approves. Anything other than that is considered a misconduct. But the real question is, who is the 'society'? People do not think themselves

as a society. They believe society exists outside their homes. If everybody believes the same, where exactly does the society exist? So, is it something beyond ourselves? It is us.

Our home is our society. We create our barriers and limitations. People believe in the the institution of marriage, which gives license for two people to live together. They think twice before marrying the opposite from a different caste. People are concerned about their caste, creed, complexion and what not. The four units of my ceramic exploration speaks of amalgamation, the union of forms that does not belong to the same category or serves the same purpose. The three forms have varying dimensions and shapes, which unite and give birth to something even more diverse and unique. The final forms are made of two bowls and a small mug, which are deformed, sliced and joined. The base material is slip casted porcelain using POP moulds. 

Gayathri Attoor
Communication Design
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